Nothing in American elections seems real! Both candidates seem to be each day more distant from the common people they hope to vote for them.

Hillary started to appear, as always, as someone ill loved that looks for compensation in power  and seems to be a stuborn looser. But soon her despair and all the strong power she allowed to use her as the face of the american women, Obama cares and whatever they think to be a considerable number of potential votes to support the weapons industry and defy a terrifying “cold war”, turned her into a kind of an unfortunate protagonist of a reality show. She inspires pitty with all those strange gestures and smiles and that way of her to try to win not because she is the better but because she shows, or so she tries, that Trump is an awful person. And much more than that: she has all the press with her! soeone must be paying for it…

No one can deny that Trump is too sincere for a polititian and that his language is that of one that got used to say whatever comes to his head. He often  seems too disagreeable, though we know that he is one that gives job all over the world to all those groups that he ill treats in his speeches.

To say that he has no political and military experience, though might being true,  can only be a joke : WHAT POLITICAL AND MILITARY EXPERIENCE HAD RONALD REAGEN, an ex-actor and a great president?

And what about Sanders that was undecoursely put away to give place to Hillary and has now been called to help her?

Is it possible that both the Americans and the world don’t see how stupid all that is?

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