Joe Sea Open life project

A friend of mine who long ago had met a man with such a curious name send me before her death a kind of ‘abstract’ of his life. I thought it curious enough to deserve some good witer to write a romance over it.

J.S.O. had worked more than half his life – even according today life expectations –  to a great international firm with its headquarters in Europe. He made himself famous for all his deeds and the smart way he organized his social life. He was friendly and to all his many  and somehow already important or important to be friends he was someone they deeply trust.

He was married and his marriage also brought him prestige, the reason why he never even tried to divorce, as well as he tried to mantain his job in the firm though, even performing his role as well as he can,  he hated the  job.

A ‘small’ scandal – the wife discovered he had some children out of mariage – was seen as not being good to the firm’s prestige when one of the children was accused of a blood crime internationally publicized, though the name of the father was fiercely protected and never mentioned it was the end of it. The mother-s boy went abroad to the city where the boy was to be judged and to where JSO start sending not only money to defend the boy but also some lawyers of his confidence to keep things controlled. Silence fall over the subject!

Anyway, his wife  divorced him and the firm tried, and succeeded, to find him a job where all his gifts might be used. And this was the right decision because it also gave him the opportunity of making a life project of his own: to accept a well remunerated job in which not only his gifts but also the opportunity to make use of his innumerable acquaintances; to ‘start-up’ a new family life; to enrich enough to live the rest of his life – was it short or long – from revenues.

He was notoriously succeeded in his new job! No one could do more, not even the Devol itself, than what he did!

As to what to create  a familly life was concerned- all his children had been brought up by their mothers – it was a bit complicated and time consuming. But, once more, his strong will solve the problem: he generously promised the daughter of his mother’s maid to pay her the university if she accepted to be the mother of a lot of children he wanted to put in the world to be as happy as he was. A kind of ‘rented, or bought, bump’ offering her and the familly a luxury house at an european capital. The woman, obviously, said YES!. To those who questioned the choidce he used to say that the only important thing to his children’s mother is to be healthy and obbey him as humbly as possible. Important was the choice of their Godmothers and fathers. They should be rich, have no heirs and give them the possibility to acced to good society, And so it went. The woman studied a lot, worked a lot, and had a lot of children.

After that he was already in a confortable enough situation to live from revenues.

This is what we can call a well succeed man wherever he lived since it is far from us! But who knows_ We don-t even know if he had really existed_ or was just one of this phantasies life sometimes puts in this monotunous world!  Only one thing, so my friend wrote, it didn-t achieve. But it might be, I think, a very difficult thing!

Pitty he is already dead!