Just imagine a person who was taught from the begining of his life to perform a role that had nothing to do with his personality  and went on giving up to put questions he knew will sadden those he loved. He accepted all he was taufght as unquestionable truths, as most of us do as part of community lives. 

And imagine that that person happens to be an extraordinary intelligent and gifted person forced to accept without reflection the job of spreading those teachings around to multitudes  easily captivated  by his extraordinary beautiful and cultivated speech.

And imagine that one day that person came to the conclusion he was performing one of the multiple roles that stood waiting inside him instead of living a true life, and, even more: he felt that somehow he had exhausted the role he had beeen playing for so long with great success.

And imagine that after having discovered the multiplicity of characters that lived inside him he decidedto perform each and all of them at a time: the role of an actor, the role of a pastor, the role of the lawyer he had studied to be, the role of the politician that had always been alive inside him, the role of the well succeded entrepreneur he had helped many of his friends to be, to play the role of the father he had always wanted to be, to be a publicist and a writer, to be the ‘man of the world’ he was born to be, to play the role of a  loving man, in short, to play all the roles life allow him to try.

There could not be a more interesting living nor a more interesting person!

The only problem is that such a man would never really live a life of his own. He seemed condemned to stay for ever in the stage of the world ,though he might not be a bit interested in the applauses of the different publics, accepting and performing the roles that for so long have waited silently in the corner of his mind.

This man, if existing, might well leave Existence without having lived the life he was, without experienced the happiness of a peaceful soul straight as a tree.

His espiritual contribution may well remain in history – history has the gift of forgotten as well as the gift of remember – but his soul may well live life without having other mission than maintaining him alive.

Aristotles attributed a soul to every living being without exception. In fact there is no reason why not to believe animals have a soul and with it they gain the earth.

A man that gives up his soul to be everything and try every possibility may well gain the world but certainly lost the earth. And, after all, paradise is supposed to be on earth, as well as the possibility of hell might be in this world of ours and not in an eternal life.


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