A curious concept of Democracy

No need to say that during the last decades the world has looked to the United States of America as the great defender of Democracy, a political idea that seems to occupy a main place in their planns to a better world. Defending the democratic ideal our friends spent and go on spending a lot in propaganda to explain its benefits as well as expending lots of dollars and lives of american soldiers to avoid any atempt against democracy wherever it happens.

Now, following the electoral process wich is going on at home we cannot help feeling a little surprised by the way a previous choice is in its way to be imposed to the americam people.

The game is not between republicans and democrats, as expected, and it can hardly be seen as an opportunity shared by people of both parties to choose freely their candidates. It seems Hillary is the only admissible choice not to be the best in whatsoever political aspect but because a certain America believes a Clinton is needed in the White House so that nothing changes in the image the States have projected to the world during the last century. A image that, like any other, can be seen from differentt prismas but whose importance all over the world cannot be denied.

What was wrong with Sanders that made his party to led him to give up for Hillary? Difficult, almost impossible, to understand by those who do not know the meanders of American politics and the interests that grew up along with the strong position the States occupy in the world, linked to economic choices that it seems to be almost impossible to stop or even to change.

Trump, the pragmatic and outspoken business man that decided to turn the page from an interventive America to an America focused in different economic solutions, seems to have forgoten the economic role the arms industry represents not only as investment but also and perhaps mainly as people employer.
Peace is a luxury that countries like Russia and the US cannot put up with!
Even more than the genuine patriotic proud american people feel for their role in international politics there is the unstoppable machine politicians and powerful institutions have built along decades to mantain it.
Trump can hardly think to become head of the Government even being, as he is, a very rich man having all the power money can give.

All this is easily understandable. More difficult is to understand WHY Hillary must be the one and only!
Seen from the outside we almost have pitty on her!. She is having all the support any candidate would like to have. Because she is a Clinton, because she is a women, because she made many friends in the right side of american politics, because she seems to have decided to be a stuburn candidate to whatever it is, and because she succeed in making Sanders to give up and to support her.
Everithing is prepared to make her the ‘ideal candidate’!
However it is clear that she does not feel at ease, that she is ‘gauche’ in that role, and it is difficult to know whether she is being used or she is being praised.

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