Is it possible a man to be rapped by a women? I thought not but must admit to be wrong after reading what happened to a young priest at a village by the sea, somewhere in France.

The man was in his way to meet some friends when he run out of gasoline late in the afternoon and had to stop at a small village. He went to the local church for shelter but as the priest wasn’t there he knocked a nearby door and speak his problem to a very kind man that told him not to worry because he could stay in one of his sons’ room that was camping somewhere . He invited him to a glass of milk  and a peace of cake with his wife and eldest daughter. After that they all went to their rooms and the young man felt asleep immediately.


In the middle of the night the girl quietly entered his room and stimulated him with oral sex. First he thought he was sleeping and dreaming. Then, when he awake the girl was over him and …it was to late to stop. So the girl kissed him and went away.

Early in the morning, after had spent the rest of the night awaken, the young priest waited for the owner of the house to show his gratitude and manage to disappear without meeting the girl.

The problem was that after three months he received the visit from the village priest, whom he didn’t met in that night, to tell him in an infuriating manner that the daughter of those that so kindly had given him shelter was pregnant and said him to be the father.

The young man just didn’t believe and entered a very difficult situation as he knew no one would believe his story. What followed doesn’t need description!

An amazing situation in which an almost unknown girl changed his peaceful life into a mountain of problems either personal or institutional.

One can ever say ‘impossible!’