For the first time in my long life I have had the painful opportunity of fully  understanding the meaning of “carême” attending and feeling part of the suffering and dispair of someone who was chosen, perhaps by  fate to personify in himself all the sins that  perhaps a considerable amount of his fellowships had also comitted but not being so exposed beneficted from institucional protection in the name of the institution itself.

A man might be more a sinner than a saint but, strangely enough – or not…- while he is trying to preserve the best of him and to regain faith and hope, institucional links around seem to be more interested in turning him into a political and economic profitable value through the gift of his uncommon, almost genial, intelligence, memory, culture, and the great ammount of social links he had been able to create.

He might even be someone whose life is plenty of bad actions, of arrogance and overpower. But among them there must be a lot of good things to be remenbered and this is surely the wrong way to help someone to save his soul and in reverse to  turn him into an expert in taking evil to its last consequences. And more damaged if the person offers himself to be emprisioned by strong familly fellings that make him to stay and endure whatever comes.

Last weeks I have been thinking a lot about Jesus and the message he tried to transmit to a world that was no more a God’s world but an institucional world, full of convenient rules that combat or agree with each other according to their own interesses. No more a world of men praising the benefit of Life but growing crowds of creators of wealth and progress that, step by step, separate them and made grow vices and sins that, unfortunately, seem without end.

To most of the society of the time, to the values and principies among whose he had lived his childwood, Jesus had entered the wrong side. We know little about his family life and much about his loneliness and his the deepen knowledge of human nature. We know what he wanted the world to be even without explaination, so simple it seemed to be. And above all he tried to find people with courage  to peacefully confront power and the hypocrisy of talking about love to do the evil.

No one can deny the important rule of institutions in an ever grwoing populares world. The problem began when they incyst no more turned to the benefit of the world but to the benefit and profit of their parts.

Jesus ignored the institutions of the the time – most of whose procedings cristianity recovered, may be because it began to be a community of ignorant braves inside a strong culture – ,  talked according to his counscience against what he knew to be the wrong procedures, does not choose his people according the geography of the time, left his family to walk the way according God’s will and, over all, he teach the world the importante of forgiveness and how wrong it is use humiliation and to force someone to affirm his presence by wrong and unbearable dids.

Jesus is there among us, suffering everywhere due to the gree and usury of those who adore power ove all and perdeu the ways to attain it. And this is making the world a nasty place to live in. We may, even in great pain, suffer what derives from the will of God but it is hard to bear what derives from the incomprehension of other men like us, perhaps commiting or having commeted the same sins we are condemned for, and the lack of compassion that contributes to make us worst than we were.


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