Soul, Feeligs and Senses

A friend of mine sent me a paper that is part of an academic work he is doing im an American University about ‘the soul’, a theme that have always interested me most . I read a lot about it but I think to have apreended very little. I think the soul is the most simple and transparente of our universal links and there is a lot of intelectual thought on the subject, mos of it integrating its religious role, that’s to say her predominant role in the way we choose to live our lives, though not in a moralistic perspective but on a finit or infint one

In his paper my friend shows to have chosen another path. He seems to see soul in a pantheistic way, somehow aristotelic, an atribute creation atributed to all the beings  putting most of them under human supervision and  giving men the freedom to move Life. His point is that only what ‘moves’ by itself has a living soul… or so did I understood. He  doesn’t mix soul and spirit as atributes of men but see them as separated categories, being Soul a universal gif and Spirit (to him, an atheist, Holly Spirit is the part of it that contains only Good and is destituted of Evil…) something Man is making in a somehow hegelian way : soul promoting natural life , beeing mother Nature as the daughter of God from whose womb Man was to be born with the capacity of thinking Life and all that is happening in the making of different lives through Time and creating the spiritual life that make of them the unique History of the World. Too complicate for me, though I agree in some points.

As for me, soul is the infinit power of fusing feelings and senses in the universal value we call love . Senses, like sensations, have to do with our nature; felings are something different that does not depend  exclusively of our senses though, of course,  the ideal situation happens when feelings and senses are together. You may feel a great attraction even for someone you have or will never meet. But it puzzles us how it is possible to separate the two things as it frequently happens nowadays and I think to be the cause of many failled friendships, variegas and love affairs. Sensatons come and go; feelings prevail FOREVER.


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