It seems easy to believe that everybody, even if not linked to religious principles or values, could hardly not cherish the words which flagged the French Revolution. To the ignored country people, depending exclusively from Nature and often called to fight wars they hardly understood the reason why, as to the urban people oppressed by poverty and injustice, words like Liberty, Equality and Fraternity sounded like an hymn of hope that would take them out of misery and despair.

To them those words had not the conceptual weight encyclopedists had given to each of them and intellectuals would went on speculating about through time, though often using them in the benefit of the political power they wanted to achieve.

In the real world slavery went on for more than a century – and keeps existing though using more sophisticated forms -, societies would go on organized by social stratifications, and the desirable solidarity is something we still keep trying to improve. There is no decree in the world that make me feel free if freedom is not in my state of mind, as well as we can hardly imagine a society where all men and women attain the same degrees of success and power even if benefiting from the same ‘nurture’ and ‘culture’. History teaches us that in all and each of its pages.

However, for how much illusive the French revolution might have been and  for all the consequences it brought to the French, and the sudden napoleonic imperial temptation – that was the beginning of the end of the European continent as a common home of the ocidental civilization – Industrial Revolution was much more revolutionary, as it was the beginning of a process that would continuously overshadow all systems and even the possibility of a reasonable thought to overcome all the problems it hosts inside its infernal machine.

Industrialization – which brought with it a lot of considered (not considerable!) benefits, such as providing work, even in the worst conditions, to crowds of workers in the great cities, to take benefits and profit from raw materials from distant geographies ,  and to improve human imagination to make them attractive at first and indispensable later on, to turn merchandizing into a lucrative activity though producing nothing, and with it starting a new and opportunistic way of communicating in order to turn attractive whatever you want to sell  from things to ideas – became the begining of something whose condition is to improve without ending because its end is socially one of the most dangerous circumstances societies can face. With industrialization we have been gradually condemned to be all and forever consumers if we want to survive, in spite of the wars and the ambiental problems it carries in it.


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