The awful events that afflicted Paris and obviously all Europe has shown the lack of self-protection the european continent – as it is usually called…- has been capable to create and how poorly it invested in security when comparing with other kind of investments of immediate and profitable return. Most part of european countries count on the US ally to say how to solve the problems and to materialize the needed help.

This situation, that follows the great role US played in Second World War aside with the Allies that were fighting the Eixo, put Europe in the uncomfortable and often uncounscious position of following other countries’ interests without questioning the consequences that might come, but also put it comfortably set in the position of one that knows for sure protection will come if needed from a powerful ally.

This mentality generated the kind of politicians that have ruled Europe for the last decades, all of them more interested in their ideological positions than in the practical problems of each country and the european continente would face sooner or later. Economy and the magic fields that surround it – ‘globalization’, markets’, so on…- became the enchanted words that let them free to approve or contest ‘democracy’, ‘racism’, ‘freedom’, ‘solidarity’ and a lot of political slogans that became no more than that without changing the most grave problems linked to them society is still really facing.

“The Economist” last cover, showing Merkel as ‘the indispensable European’, tells us something about us! Tough one may think of Merkel as more an euro-asian than an ‘european’- the ends of last century´s wars led us to think that Germany and Russia are enemies but the reality is that they have been for centuries traditional allies…- she is the only real  politician that leads now in Europe. Apart from her other european countries are passing through one of the most grey – if not the most….- crises of leaderships of the modern era. It is true Cameron is also a good politician. But the fact is that we can hardly think of Great Britain as an european country! It’s true that the anglo-saxonic culture has a lot of the european culture values and principles  and that the english have contributed a lot to spread and enrich it but the anglo-saxonic culture bears its own specificities and its world is the CommonWealth not Europe.

Though it may seems a very sad perspective to think about, the fact is that everything everywhere – including in its own space – all is being done to put an end to european civilization the way europeans used to proudly see it.

Europe is a very small continent with an historical sense of time and an adventurous spirit. But now that is not enough! Money rules the world at a speed we cannot even imagine and Europe became no more than the place where other continents – rich, emergents or seeing european civilization as something that is blocking progress – only see as a place to invest and to take profits and cultural signs off.

Perhaps in a century no one will be surprised by seeing the Eiffel Tower or the Coliseum of Rome in New York or in some Arabian emirate….


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