It’s really sad to see the events of this Friday night in Paris! However we cannot say we have been surprised by the events. France is in the middle of the european continente and we all are aware of ever growing problems France have consented to be affected due to an unlimited tolerance towards those who having been born in other countries with different cultures and religious dogmas choose France to live and to live there on their own ways.

Being a democratic and cosmopolite country, ruled by te principles and values of the French Revolution, France try to treat them as equals and brothers living freely as if living in the specific cultures of their own countries. The intention is a good one but as time goes on each time is being left less space for the French themselves.

Though what happen, or is happening, does not mean that those who are to blame are immigrants from different cultures – there are already in Europe lots of european young people fed up with what Europe is turning to be –  but it is almost impossible not associate the facts with the crowds os fugitives from the wars in the Middle Orient that are crossing countries that had no conditions to put up with this sudden invasion that seems no to come to an end.

Most of that people are families whose members fought in Iraque in Saddam Hussein’s army and are now seen as enemies by those who are now occupying the power. It seems to have been a disastrous and inconsequent war for ‘democracy’ to peoples whose cultures will NEVER understand what that means in the patrons of social organization of power they have been used to live for many centuries before Greeks have invented the word.

It seems reasonable that would be the States and Great Britain to receive them as the ideia of implementing democracy in those countries came from them. But Great Britain is already crowded with people of the Common wealth and United States are too far to reach by small boats and walking. Their only choice seems to be Europe.

No one know what will follow! Europe is no more a place where something ‘might’ happen but a continente in panic going through one of the worst circumstances of recent times. It is no more something we were afraid of but something we fear that is already too near to ignore.

Europe, father and mother of a lot of countries she explored, civilized, de-characterised and, some how humiliated, is now paying the bill. Those who were to blame are not among us anymore. We are paying not only our grand-parents faults but also the stupid idea that we are a superior kind of people bearing a so strong culture that has inside all the conditions to die at the hands of those who learned from her.


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