Freedom is a difficult subject to deal with! We are all born to be free but we take a lot of time to get free and learn how to be independent in the more essential things even before we start our education as civilized human beings.

It is a fact that, as Sartre put it, we are condemned to be free. Even if we reject to be free we are making a choice. No way to avoid it! But it is also true that having the consciousness of our freedom is a gift that most men never attained.

For most people freedom is no more than a residual space society, including family, left at our disposal. This has been repeated for so long, generation after generation, that it must happen some collective event to support our claim to ask for a freedom that has always been at our disposal since we respect not only other people freedom but also the environment whose peace allows us to have a safe communitarian life.

However public education – in what we may include private schools  – has been through for centuries exerted  in a way  inspired in the rigor and discipline of an army, the place where the institution prevails over the individual person, that is supposed to be there just to reproduce the kind of person society wants to maintain adding to this model the available knowledge.

The fact is that no one is free if he is not allowed to think.

A person who is not educated to be free – and this means educating freedom where society forgets it – wii never manage to be free even if having the greatest desire to attain freedom. The best he usually does is to change a prison for another, sometimes a worst one.

Usually those persons go from slavery to slavery having the impression and acting as if they are the ones who command. Because it is through this illusion that those they depend of get them in the prisons they want to.


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