Sex in TV in the Lisbon airport surprises travelers

Portugal has at the moment a lot of problems to think about. Questions that go ar behind the political disagreements between the coalition has been governing the country after a eminent bailout that, as some other countries integrating the EU, was the consequence of a lot of kind facilities given by the EU witch convinced countries and their communities that being part of the european union made them equal in what wealth is concerned. Things were not so easy and PIGS – an awful way to mention them  through their initials – went into trouble with the consequences everybody knows. So, Portugal is living a plea between the to main parties and among the small parties that eventually support them. Meanwhile the President remains mute and does nothing to improve the talks and get the process to an end.

However the main problem of the day seems to be, besides the always present football, the fact that last night somehow a TV in the airport was passing a sex scene to entertain the travelers. Though It is surprising I can hardly understand the scandal! Sex is not a secret performance anymore! If “Play Boy” understood it and gave up its editorial activities and sex is everywhere by announcements of medicines to improve sexual activity all over the day, why to feel so angry for watching such scenes in the middle of the night during one of those boredom waits at the airport?

The fact is that nowadays sex is no more than one  of the vegetative functions we execute to calm the stress. We can hardly imagine that anyone above six years old doesn’t know much more about sex than our grand mothers after seventy five years of marriage ! So why make of it the talk of the town when we are about not to receive the usual european fund that allow the govern to accomplish its duties, when we  can hardly imagine what all those people who fight for the honor of being our saviors  will deserve the presidential agreement, when have the American army training in Grandola, and a lot of other interesting things to think about?


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