What about being respected?

Nowadays, perhaps because we are more performers than people who cares about the way we communicate among us, we often see with shame how those somehow strange couples composed by a young person and another that might well be his/her parent start and consent a uncivil and disagreeable way the younger uses when mentioning or directing to the older one.

And we see with great sorrow how fragile is the position of the other even when the man or woman is a very cultivate and social considered person who is being convinced that being younger, though often totally dependent, is a relatively superior position.

The fact is that disrespect is the first degree to a scale of fear, and young and less educated people have that precious and almost animal feeling. If someone calls you, or speak about you as an old person that she/he as to put up with, if he/she  shows you in a ridiculous way or treats you like a child, soon you will feel as a dependent person, someone other people see through that transmitted portrait .

Not being respected just because of the intimacy of the relation between those differently aged couple is the begging of a dangerous process you hardly can stop to go on.! The more fragile or dependent she or he shows your situation before her or he, the more fragile and dependent you become not only to yourself but also before other people. Sexual intimacy results often in those cases by a natural need to have someone to motivate you. But that doesn’t make of you necessarily a slave!  When it happens, if you don’t feel strong enough to give more dignity to the relation try at least that it doesn’t improve in that miserable sense.


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