Portugal besides being a poor and small country living on what  comes from the exterior –  since the european funds to the touristic illusion and repeating all that people think to be ‘fashionable’ – is loosing what still remains of  dignity in what is the eldest of European countries with a somehow glorious past. Confined to its european frontiers, after having been the head of a great colonial empire, Portugal seems decided to do whatever it is to be part of the group of the most insignificant countries, only thought about or visited due to its climate and geographical position.

Though in their fastidious speeches politicians like to tell they are  very worried about the ‘image’ the country shows to the exterior, what really happens is that they give us lots of reasons to be ashamed of the situation the country has been living the last decades and of seeing with sadness and despair that all aspects of social life ane increasingly worsening.

It’s true that corruption, let alone values and patriotic pride, is spreading all over the world. However it seems increasingly worst when a country is dependent of creditors and has not the guts to try ways of  independence in an intelligent way that might make it possible in the globalized world we live in.

The political show Portugal is giving the world is not only stupid but ridiculous!

Nothing happens in Portugal! The coalition which governed the country for the last four years and is identified as being ‘the Portuguese right,  and has always been living a strange ‘honey moon’ with president Cavaco, insists in pursuing the politics it had practiced before and witch led people to accept, even rather reluctantly, the possibility of having a strange coalition – or some other model that enable them to put down the anterior coalition and presidential choice – composed by socialists, communists and the new left wing party that relatively was the great winner in last elections.

But even more strange is the fact that after giving the country the idea that such a coalition though difficult was possible, they remain in secret talks that seem, at least, a lack of respect for those who believed in that solution.

It is hard to put in our minds how would they get out of the situation if the communist party – the most reluctant of them and  whose main procedure during the last decades is discretion – decides to remain in the comfortable position of maintaining its ‘coherence’.

The truth is that whatever happens will not benefit either the ‘image’ or the economic situation of the country.  There are already many unscrupulous people profiting from this dubious situation and trying to transmit to both the ‘ins’ and the ‘outs’ the idea that the country is moving in a glorious entrepreneurial activity, though producing almost nothing more – if not less… – than produced before. There are lots of people ‘working’ – doing nothing…- just to decrease the statistics of unemployment. No one seems to care about real unemployment since they find a way to tell people that they have done well and the country is living in the best of the possible worlds.

Though being ‘democracy’ the most heard and written word it seems we are living a more close social system than that of pre revolutionary times. However, since there is football and the most stupid and exuberant and almost hysterical ‘feasts’ to entertain people, politicians and their servants may well live and sleep in peace!


Unfortunately it seems Portugal is now reaching the dangerous situation that has been postponed for decades through confusing situations witch generated the fear and instability those in charge over the last four years are specialized in together with sophisticated operations of marketing whose purpose was not to let clear elements and mental space for people to conclude whatever it is about what they have in mind and of how that is compatible with the promises made to win the elections.

It is true that Portugal was about to enter in a situation of bailout and it was easy to sell fears and promises. But now, having in mind what happened with Greece and the fact that EU did not let them down it seems possible to conclude, looking backward governmental results that to approve PEC IV would have been a better decision., though only now, looking at the mess that is going on in the Portuguese political situation, we may come to this conclusion.

The presidential speech – one of the best, if not the best of those he has given during all those long years he has been occupying the Portuguese political space – is being highly contested : opposition saw in it an incentive to force the political forces, mainly the deputies of the socialist party, to strengthen the coalition PSD/CDS program and even the right, to which he generally associated blame him for the rough way that endured his speech. But, whatever our position is, the President is less the guilty than the pretext to justify a lot of criticism of a larger scope.

Even a people a bit ignorant in what politics are concerned can hardly understand how would it be possible to conciliate international compromises Portugal assumed and is not in a situation  to  break with what are  – or have been all over the years – the ideologies of the parties which are about to join to put down the coalition that won the elections though not having enough parlamentar support to approve its program.

But the main fact is that Portuguese people – letting apart those who have personal or corporative interests that would hardly survive if the political situation changes – are tired of the alternation we have been submitted to by PSD and PS, tired os the same faces, the same speeches, the same lies, the same scandals, and look forward to getting rid of them whatever the consequences might be. The insistent arrogance of speech of those representing the political right worsen the situation. As, it seems, they are reaching despair and tried to hidden it  repeating exhaustively the same slogans and criticisms perhaps it is time to listen more to the opposition and to what it must clarify than attaining a  situation that can only make speakers even more repulsive that they already are and increase indifference and unbelief to what they say.

Unfortunately it seems Portugal is about to live a complicated social situation. The process was too long and created great expectations that it would not be easy to calm, especially among youngsters.

Sex in TV in the Lisbon airport surprises travelers

Portugal has at the moment a lot of problems to think about. Questions that go ar behind the political disagreements between the coalition has been governing the country after a eminent bailout that, as some other countries integrating the EU, was the consequence of a lot of kind facilities given by the EU witch convinced countries and their communities that being part of the european union made them equal in what wealth is concerned. Things were not so easy and PIGS – an awful way to mention them  through their initials – went into trouble with the consequences everybody knows. So, Portugal is living a plea between the to main parties and among the small parties that eventually support them. Meanwhile the President remains mute and does nothing to improve the talks and get the process to an end.

However the main problem of the day seems to be, besides the always present football, the fact that last night somehow a TV in the airport was passing a sex scene to entertain the travelers. Though It is surprising I can hardly understand the scandal! Sex is not a secret performance anymore! If “Play Boy” understood it and gave up its editorial activities and sex is everywhere by announcements of medicines to improve sexual activity all over the day, why to feel so angry for watching such scenes in the middle of the night during one of those boredom waits at the airport?

The fact is that nowadays sex is no more than one  of the vegetative functions we execute to calm the stress. We can hardly imagine that anyone above six years old doesn’t know much more about sex than our grand mothers after seventy five years of marriage ! So why make of it the talk of the town when we are about not to receive the usual european fund that allow the govern to accomplish its duties, when we  can hardly imagine what all those people who fight for the honor of being our saviors  will deserve the presidential agreement, when have the American army training in Grandola, and a lot of other interesting things to think about?

What about being respected?

Nowadays, perhaps because we are more performers than people who cares about the way we communicate among us, we often see with shame how those somehow strange couples composed by a young person and another that might well be his/her parent start and consent a uncivil and disagreeable way the younger uses when mentioning or directing to the older one.

And we see with great sorrow how fragile is the position of the other even when the man or woman is a very cultivate and social considered person who is being convinced that being younger, though often totally dependent, is a relatively superior position.

The fact is that disrespect is the first degree to a scale of fear, and young and less educated people have that precious and almost animal feeling. If someone calls you, or speak about you as an old person that she/he as to put up with, if he/she  shows you in a ridiculous way or treats you like a child, soon you will feel as a dependent person, someone other people see through that transmitted portrait .

Not being respected just because of the intimacy of the relation between those differently aged couple is the begging of a dangerous process you hardly can stop to go on.! The more fragile or dependent she or he shows your situation before her or he, the more fragile and dependent you become not only to yourself but also before other people. Sexual intimacy results often in those cases by a natural need to have someone to motivate you. But that doesn’t make of you necessarily a slave!  When it happens, if you don’t feel strong enough to give more dignity to the relation try at least that it doesn’t improve in that miserable sense.